Part Six - sustainability




Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Dominance of a single partner
Lack of consensus
Poorly motivated partners
Dependence on key personnel

Final checklist

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A problem related to dominance is lack of respect for the principle of consensual decision-making. This may take a form where one partner acknowledges that the consortium has taken a decision but refuses to abide by that decision, choosing instead to ‘plough his own furrow’. In severe cases it can also manifest itself as obstruction within the decision-making process, which has the additional consequence of delaying other partners’ ability to act. One of the very few ways of avoiding this problem is to build some form of mutual dependency into the consortium, where each partner is explicitly reliant on results from at least one other. That, ultimately, is the only kind of sanction, short of direct financial penalty, that is likely to be effective.