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Motivation is often thought of only in terms of inspiring those working below you. In a collaborative research project, it is vital that all elements within the command chain remain fully supportive of the project.

Project sponsors and champions within the senior management team need to be kept informed of progress and successes, including any unanticipated benefits, and given the information they need to promote the project at a high level.

Project managers need to be reassured that the work they are conducting remains relevant to the organisation and that the difficulties encountered in holding a multinational consortium together are worth resolving.

Technical staff, who may find themselves attached to a research project for a period of several years, may need to be assured that they have not been marginalised within the organisation. They need to know that the work they are doing is making a contribution to the organisation, that they are being rewarded appropriately and that they are not missing out on pay-scale progression or promotion opportunities.