Part Four - Making the commitment




Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

What are you committing to?
The role of milestones within the project plan
Allow time for planning meetings
The role of a partner manager

Getting started


Final checklist

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Each partner will be dependent on the contribution being made by others and will look to this planning stage for evidence that the various commitments will be fulfilled. The vehicle for expressing the agreement is a comprehensive project plan that defines the roles played by each partner, the way each of the desired outcomes will be achieved and the resources required by each major task in the plan. With the best will in the world, research projects rarely adhere fully to the initial plan and there is a need for flexibility in responding to changes in circumstances (see Part Five). However, at this planning stage it is important to be rigorous about defining the demands you will be making of others and clear about the commitments they expect from you. Consortium members cannot, at a later stage, expect one or more of their partners to take on additional responsibilities that were not identified in the project plan.