Part Three - Managing expectations




Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Gaining the support of senior management
Making the consortium work
Protecting your organisationís investment
The implications of 'opportunity cost'
Being realistic about the opportunity

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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The Framework Programme funding regime is based on partial reimbursement of actual costs incurred. For staff-time this is calculated as salary and social costs (NHI contributions, pensions, etc) plus a contribution towards overheads. There is no allowance for profit. This may not be a problem, since staff are often attached to a project on a part-time basis with tasks that are scheduled over a period of several months, giving them plenty of time for scheduled revenue-generating activity. In smaller companies, however, or in the case of highly specialised skills, there may be commercial pressures to release key staff from the project team if a major opportunity arises.

The way each organisation responds to this conflict of interests will vary. At this early planning stage, it is important that you - and each of your partners - know how the problem would be addressed if it arises.