Part Three - Managing expectations




Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Gaining the support of senior management
Making the consortium work
Protecting your organisation’s investment
The implications of 'opportunity cost'
Being realistic about the opportunity

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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One of the calculations that senior management will expect to see is the likely return on investment (ROI). The investment includes your own contribution towards project costs (normally between 50% and 65%) and the full cost of submitting a proposal, which is not eligible for funding as part of the project budget. If you are bringing existing IPR into the consortium as part of your contribution, that should also be considered as part of the investment. Contributions ‘in kind’ such as IPR and opportunity costs are not eligible for matching funding. You will need to ensure that your rights to background knowledge are protected and that any access rights that you will grant to other consortium members can be balanced against the return that you will receive from the project. If necessary, find out how your organisation calculates its ROI on commercially-funded projects.