Part Three - Managing expectations




Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Gaining the support of senior management
Making the consortium work
Protecting your organisationís investment
The implications of 'opportunity cost'
Being realistic about the opportunity

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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One of the hidden costs of collaboration is the active investment that is needed in order to bring the consortium together and ensure that it will be effective. Larger companies and universities with a history of Framework Programme research usually employ staff whose job it is to attract the right funding for the right projects. For first-time participants there will be a steep learning curve before you can function efficiently in this kind of environment.

In previous Framework Programmes special awards were made to allow SMEs to develop proposals for research projects. Typically it was assumed that a budget of £20-30k per partner would be needed in order to build the consortium, attend meetings, do the necessary planning and prepare a convincing proposal. In addition to these costs, there are the internal activities described in Part Four that you will need to commit to once the project begins.