Part Two - finding partners




Finding partners

Finding existing consortia
Advertising your needs and capabilities
Once you’ve identified potential partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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The trustworthiness of your partners is not simply an issue for the commercial phase after the project. At the proposal-development stage it is vital that deadlines are respected, that issues of confidentiality are dealt with openly and that the people you are dealing with have the backing of their senior management.

A Memorandum of Understanding is often a useful way to bring these issues into the open. This document is not to be confused with a formal Consortium Agreement, required by the Commission prior to starting a project. It is more an ‘agreement to agree’, setting out in broad terms the expectations the partners have of each other and the commitments each is willing to make to the consortium. We would strongly recommend that before committing your organisation to a new partnership you gain the written and authorised agreement from your own and your partners’ senior management about what it is you will be doing together.