Part Two - finding partners




Finding partners

Finding existing consortia
Advertising your needs and capabilities
Once youíve identified potential partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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Another initiative supported by the Commission and sponsored by the EU is the Ideal-IST network ( This is more pro-active than CORDIS in that members of the Ideal-IST network are able to circulate your partner requests and feed you partner requests from other countries that match your own profile.

The discipline of writing an Ideal-IST profile is, in itself, informative. It makes you reflect on what you really want to achieve and what you can realistically contribute. Ideal-IST has also extended its remit into the new accession states of Eastern Europe and provides a reliable way of reaching those new opportunities.

Ideal-IST is a free service. There are also a number of commercial brokers and consultancies that can help. Look in the UKISHelp consultantsí register for details (

Other ways of advertising your existence include attendance at national support events and the Commissionís own Information Days. Bear in mind, however, that these events are mainly of value to consortia that are already planning to submit a proposal to a specific call. You would have very little time before submitting a proposal to get to know people you meet for the first time at one of these events.