Part One - Overview



What is meant by partnering?
How is Framework Programme Six different?
What are the responsibilities of a partner?
What are the major risks?
How do you set up an effective consortium?


Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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Risk of conflict

Being pulled in two directions

Commercial sensibilities

Losing the support of the Commission

Trust is not only important for the cohesion of the consortium, but also for the relationship between the consortium and the funding agency. In fairness, it is hard to lose the trust of the Commissionís management staff without reason. Transparency and good communication are again fundamental. As long as the quality of work is up to expectations you are unlikely to face major problems in arguing for a necessary change in the direction of the work. This will be particularly true under the more relaxed management regime of FP6, which offers greater autonomy to consortia.

Risk of failure

Agreement over detail

Visible effort

Controlling enthusiasm