Part One - Overview



What is meant by partnering?
How is Framework Programme Six different?
What are the responsibilities of a partner?
What are the major risks?
How do you set up an effective consortium?


Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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What are the responsibilities of a partner?

Giving others access to existing IPR

Being prepared to share the results of the project

Complying with the requirements of the EC contract

Fulfilling the role assigned to you

The previous three areas of responsibility will all be addressed in the consortium agreement that you are obliged to complete before starting the project. One further area of responsibility is more difficult to express in a legal document but equally fundamental to the success of the project. It is the question of what constitutes acceptable performance. The concept of active partnering has evolved from the simple management ethos of ‘win-win’, or ‘what is good for you must be good for me’. Simple, perhaps, but not simplistic. If you treat your project partners with the same respect as you treat your external customers, then a well-conceived project plan is very likely to deliver the expected results.