Partnering within Framework Programme Six IST Projects





Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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This document explains the opportunities and challenges for organisations wishing to become involved in Framework Programme Six (FP6), the main vehicle through which the European Commission funds research activities in Member and Associated States.

Grants are available in a range of disciplines, although here we focus on the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme within FP6. In order to take part in most types of funded IST project you will need to collaborate and co-operate with other organisations, at least some of which are likely to work within different cultures and/or where English is not the primary language.

A project will only be successful if the consortium of organisations running the project works as a team towards commonly understood and shared goals - which means that the participants in the consortium have to be good partners. But what does this entail? How can you ensure that your organisation is ready for partnering, that the others in the consortium are equally prepared and that the way the project will be managed is conducive to open and supportive communication?

The advice given in this document is based on practical experience developed over many years. It is there to help you and your partners as you proceed through the various phases of a project - from declaring an initial interest to reaping the benefits from the results.

To ignore the advice is to put at risk both your own and your partnersí investment of time, money and skilled resource.

The outcome could be that the project:

  • fails to get funding
  • diverts from its original goals
  • fails to deliver its results,
or in the worst case
  • ends up in litigation.

So read this document carefully. Determine for yourself what is best for your organisation. And if you do decide to become involved, remember that UKISHelp is here to assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from Framework Programme Six.