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Final checklist

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  • If you are certain you have the commitment of your senior management, and you have evidence that the other partners in the consortium have the same high level of support within their own organisations, then the project has a good chance of being successful.
  • If you have a fully-resourced plan in place that allows you take an active part in project activities and to recruit and develop the skills you need, you will be a good partner for the consortium and will have a good chance of achieving your
  • Satisfy yourself that you trust your partners and that they trust you (and your organisation). Is there productive, multi-way communication between the partners? Are the decision-making processes well-defined and visible to all members of the consortium?
  • During the early phases of the project, while the consortium was being formed and the proposal was being put together, did you feel that the cultures of the various parties were complementary and that generally there was an atmosphere of co-operation and harmony? If so, you have a well-structured consortium that is likely to achieve its goals.
  • Donít get involved if you believe your organisation lacks the necessary staying power, application and consistency of focus to last the course and reap the benefits of the project outcomes.
  • If your organisationís enthusiasm for the project is coming from just a few key individuals, donít sign the contract unless you can be sure that your organisationís obligations would still be delivered, even if these people were to move on or be reassigned.
  • Donít start a project if you are uncertain about its objectives, or if the planned results have drifted away from what you really wanted. Before finally committing your organisation, you must ensure that the project outcomes are clearly defined and are still relevant for you.
  • If you are in any way unsure that the risks involved in the project are acceptable to your organisation, pull out before it is too late. Your organisationís participation in a project that is seen as risky by senior management will be too constrained to be truly effective.