4. What do I need to do to manage the risks and responsibilities?




Do I need partners to do what I want to do?
Would I be a good partner?
What do I want to give? What do I want to get?
What do I need to do to manage the risks and responsibilities?
How do I protect our investment?

Finding Partners

Managing expectations

Making the commitment

Getting started


Final checklist

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  • The most effective and important way to reduce the risk of project failure is to improve communication between the consortium partners within and beyond formal project meetings. Look at using videoconferencing, teleconferencing and the Internet to stay in touch. Provide extra help to project staff you will be working with for whom English is not the first language.
  • Assure yourself that your partners agree on key milestones and dates, and the nature and substance of any deliverables, and have both the plans and resources in place to achieve them.
  • Set up a management structure within your own organisation that is able to respond quickly to requests for action or decision. Make all decision-making within the project accountable and as transparent as possible.
  • Explain the need for and implement within your own organisation any modifications to standard reporting and control practices that may be needed in order to feed into and receive input from the consortiumís management processes.
  • Ensure that your people working on the project are set individual targets and objectives that are in line with the projectís aims and which support your organisationís goals. Celebrate the achievement of milestones and make staff feel that they are doing something important, not cut off from the organisationís mainstream activities
  • Donít assume that everything will go according to plan. You need to build cross-project procedures to rectify failures and minimise the impact when major problems arise.
  • Donít allow your key project staff to be pulled from the project without first looking at all possible alternatives. You should insist that all partners follow a defined procedure for replacing key personnel, including the proper training and preparation of replacements.